Creating roots music bridging Latin and American folk traditions.

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Appalatin offers spirited and inspiring school assembly concerts, festival performances, and workshops for students as well as professional development for teachers.  Our educational programs are can be tailored to meet the host’s needs, and are strongly aligned with the new National Core Arts Standards (Creating, Performing, Responding, Connecting). Appalatin prides itself in its educational shows and enjoys sharing its music, cultures and positive messages with children and people of all ages.


Appalatin’s assembly concerts feature extremely upbeat music including songs in English and Spanish, fusing traditions in Appalachian, Central, and South American traditions, supporting educational development of global competencies. Our programs embody a compassionate worldview while providing a unique and engaging musical style that invites audience participation including clapping, stomping, singing and even dancing. The band members talk in detail about the instruments they play, the elements of music including their unique combination of rhythm, melody and harmony, their culture and the places they come from, as well as the meaning and messages in the songs they perform. All of this makes for a very joyful and rich multicultural experience. 

The group has performed at a number of elementary and high schools, colleges and universities and public libraries throughout the Ohio Valley Region. Appalatin’s live educational concert performance is extremely upbeat with bilingual songs that display a compassionate worldview and a unique and engaging acoustic sound that inspires audience participation (eg. dancing, singing, hand clapping and foot stomping). The band members talk in detail about the instruments they play, the rhythms, their culture and the places they come from, and the meaning and message in the songs. 


  • Central American and Appalachian Folk Music Roots
  • Songwriting, Composition and Improvisation
  • Andean Folk Music and Instruments
  • Latin Percussion and Rhythms 


University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Lindsey Wilson College, Union College, University of Pikeville, Southern Indiana University, Berea College, Indiana University Southeast, Hazard Community and Technical College, Columbia State Community College, Jefferson Community and Technical College, University of Tennessee, Walter State Community College, and UNC-Asheville.  


Kentucky Country Day School (Louisville, KY), Roy G. Eversole Elementary School (Hazard, KY), Hazard High School, St. Nicholas Elementary (Louisville, KY), Anchorage Elementary (Anchorage, KY), Danville (KY) City School, Painted Stone Elementary (Shelbyville, KY) Hawthorne Elementary School (Louisville, KY), Virginia Chance School, St. Agnes Elementary School (Louisville, KY), Kentucky Center for the Arts Summer Teacher Training (Louisville, Richmond, KY)  

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